Welcome on the website of the I-ALLOW project, a project funded by the EU under the H2020 programme (contract number: 645262)


The objective of the I-ALLOW project is to study, design, develop and test an innovative imaging solution which improves the safety of population and infrastructure in day-time, night-time and all-weather conditions.

The camera that will be developed in I-ALLOW will:

1.    Use a low-cost single sensor imaging solution with versatile capabilities.

2.    Produce images in the following conditions:

·         low light (night-time),

·         standard light (day-time) and  

·         harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, smog)

3.    Perform Object detection based on

·         multispectral data

·         3D range data


At the moment, this project is finished. Some of the results can be found on the Publications part of this website, unter the RESULTS text.