I-ALLOW’s main objective is to develop and demonstrate a civil low cost imaging solution based on a novel multifunctional approach camera system integrated with a high performance processing unit addressing a vast variety of outdoor scenarios for safety and security applications. The features of the solution will be specified, tested and benchmarked with the involvement of potential end-users operating in transportation and logistics and responsible for monitoring of critical infrastructures (railways, motorways, harbours).

I-ALLOW’s detailed objectives:


To introduce a breakthrough imaging solution at a very competitive price

  • To provide to a wide range of end-users, a low-cost imaging solution for low light and harsh conditions with an integrated system with multiple functionalities.
  • To design and develop an EAR 99* product.
  • To target the world-wide active imaging market,starting from European excellences


Solve current outdoor imaging limitation by a single image sensor approach

To design and develop a day-and-night, multispectral active-gated imaging solution for low lighting and harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, smog) based on the integration of:

  • a novel Gated CMOS Imager Sensor (“GCMOS”);
  • a novel hyper-spectral filter monolithically integrated on top of the GCMOS sensor (i.e. narrow spectral filters [~nm] coupled with wide spectral filters [~150nm]);
  • a novel high efficiency pulsed light NIR.

The imaging solution will be integrated with a high performance processing module to provide users’ functions and communication interfaces for integration in real-world cases and industrial applications. The Integrated System Prototype will be designed and tested in field with the involvement of End-Users interested in the use and adoption of solutions based on the new technology.

I-ALLOW Vision

  • Full imaging capabilities at day / night & in harsh weather conditions
  • Imaging indurstry standard with a cost effective solution for outdoor civilian applications

* This product system will be under export control classification of the US department of Commerce, Export Administration Regulation (EAR), defined under the Commerce control list (CCL) as EAR 99